• In view of the importance and the inevitable need of translation in the progressive use of the Official Language Hindi, it was obligatory to have an organization for translation work. With this objective in mind, translation work of non-statutory procedural literature was started by setting up Central Hindi Directorate under the Ministry of Education in the year 1960. However, the implementation of Official Language was the responsibility of Ministry of Home Affairs, hence the work of translating non-statutory procedural literature was transferred to the Ministry of Home Affairs. Therefore, on 1st March, 1971 Central Translation Bureau was set up under the Ministry of Home Affairs and it was entrusted with the responsibilities of translating work of non-statutory procedural literature of the ministries, departments, offices, undertakings, etc. of the Central Government. At present, Central Translation Bureau is working as a subordinate office of the Department of Official Language, Ministry of Home Affairs.
  • To ensure simplicity, lucidity and uniformity of terminology in the translation work Central Translation Bureau was entrusted with the responsibility of imparting training in translation. Thus Bureau is also imparting training in translation. In fact, Central Translation Bureau is the only organization of the Central Government, engaged in the work of translation and imparting training in translation.